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Google Research Awards $25K to ARTSI

The ARTSI Alliance has received a $25K Google Research Award in support of the group’s work promoting the African American robotics community. The money will be used to fund additional HBCUs to join the Alliance, to purchase equipment for robotics education, and to hold summer workshops for ARTSI faculty.


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Chiara prototype

Chiara robot prototype
This photo shows a partially assembled prototype for the Chiara, an educational hexapod robot with an arm and a color camera.


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Building the ARTSI community

We want ARTSI roboticists to get to know each other, and we’re going to use blogs to facilitate this Eaach summer REU student will keep a blog, and read and comment on other students’ blogs. Prizes for the best blogs and the best comments will be awarded at the end of the summer:

  • $50 for the best blog; $25 for the second best
  • $50 for the person who posts the best comments on other people’s blogs; $25 for the second best

Use this opportunity to show off your research, learn what other people are doing, and make new friends who you’ll see at the ARTSI Student Research Conference in March 2009.

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