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Categories: 2009 Summer REU

My last week

Hello all,

this is my last week at the lab. It has been a great summer and I have a lot of fun this summer and have learned a lot more. I was able to figure out what i want to pursue a career in and even better how I an going to do it. I want to thank everyone who had a part in me being here I really appreciate it


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I finished my CAD model. Take a look and tell me what you think


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Another Project on a new week

In the health care robotics lab one of the projects was the dustpan robot. If your wondering what this is then check out the website and video. Now that the robot was a success it’s time to revamp, remodel and improve from the original design. So the project im working on is how to better limitations of the first robot. So my part in this is to draw up a CAD model of the dustpan robot aka dusty 2.0 and also develop a more efficient flat plate design in order to pick objects up and a more effective way of delivering them to the user. Pictures and models coming soon


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Hello All

My name is Alex McNeely and I am a rising sophomore at Morgan state University. My major is Industrial Engineering with a concentration in CAD. This summer I will be working in Dr. Charlie Kemp’s lab. Using my CAD skills I will be designing and replicating parts using Solidworks. This is a lot of fun for me since I get a chance to explore my engineering interests outside the classroom.

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