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Summer REU at CMU part I

Hello everyone! My name is Owen Watson and I am a rising Senior Computer Science major at Florida A&M University. This summer I am working With Dr. Toureztky at Carnegie Mellon University. Part of this summer I spent developing code in Tekkotsu. Tekkotsu was developed here at Carnegie Mellon University by Dr. Touretzky and his graduate student Ethan Tira-Thompson. Tekkotsu is a robotic programming language that abstracts from the lower level commands(like turn left servo 90 degrees) and focuses more on Behavioral robotic programming. Tekkotsu uses C++ as its basis and is fairly comfortable to use if you have a background in C++. Tekkotsu already has drivers for the Irobot Create, the Chiara, Regis, Qwerkbot, and probably the most popular the Sony Aibo. Currently I am working on some demos for the IJCAI competition in Pasedena, Ca. One thing that caught me off guard was getting hands on training in the hardware side of Robotics. Another portion of my summer was devoted to debugging and fixing hardware issues on the Chiara. The Chiara is a robot developed by Dr. Touretzky for educational purposes. The chiara has six legs, one arm with three degrees of freedom, a camera and an IR range finder. I learned about servos and their controllers, voltage converters and other things that i would not of been exposed to as a Comp. Sci. major. I expected to gain a wealth of knowledge as far as programming techniques and this was sufficed; however, the added exposure led to a spark in my own creative insight and desire to continue pursuing education and a career in robotics.


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