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Categories: 2008 Summer REU

AAAI confernce 2008

This year at my first AAAI confernce in Chicago. The robot I have been working on this summer at CMU took second place. This was my first AAAI confernce and I learn a lot from being around other PH.D student and even some undergrads. This confernce to me seem like it was center on creativly in the robotics community. Also had a little networking while I was there with other professor that can help me get into a great grad school.I am hoping to attend it next year and have another robot to work on.


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Coming to the End of the Project

As i approach the end of my intern at CMU I have completed one Chiara robot named Cayenne. This one was the one I started on when I first arrive at CMU in June. I had redesign this robot to become more efficient . Now we have came the end of this intern cover to show the finish Chiara Cayenne robot

I was also given the Chiara robot project named Aurora. This is the same robot in the Chiara class but with one modification to the legs as showed

This robot was going to be build by me then both will the presented AAAI conference in Chicago starting July 13th to July 18th. It has been a great experience here at CMU build this robot


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This is me creating a new part for the robot on the Lathe. Which is a milling tool that can cut off and drill holes into materal


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Just a quick question....

How do you upload a picture onto your profile? I’ve been looking, but maybe I missed it.

Thanks for the help!


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For the past few weeks. Me, my advisor David Touretzky and Ethan Tira-Thompson have been design a robot that will be produce.While building this robot I see that it is a cross between a carb and spider. Now I am here to show the near final stage of design, but is still a work in progress. Using Solidworks to design the new parts for the robot and then cutting out these parts on a laser cutting machine.

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