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Categories: 2009 Summer REU

2009 CarnegieMellon University Internship

I am back at Carnegie Mellon University for the 2009 summer. This summer I have taken away from the design aspects and now I am onto the programming part now. This summer I have to created a program to demo for IJCAI in California. I have chosen to get the robot dance to give it a personally at the conference.The type of dance I am trying to get it to do is called the “Stanky Leg".The main problem that I have been running into while trying to get the chiara to do the dance is the limits of the robot its self. To solve this problem with the limits of the chiara was to create a more simple Behavior to have it do, while look good plus to keep the robot from killing its self. So I am back for the second year in a row to work on the Chiara for the summer.

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