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Hi everyone! My name is Glenn Nickens. I am a graduate student a Norfolk State University, majoring in Computer Science. I did my undergraduate work a The University of the District of Columbia. During the summer of 2006, as a rising senior, I was introduced to Tekkotsu, a robotics programming platform. And I have been working with it ever since. Last summer during my internship at Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute Dr. Touretzky, Ethan Tira-Thomson and I built a prototype robot named ‘Regis’ ( ). The need for Regis was primarily due to the fact that Sony had stopped creating the AIBO Dogs, which is what Tekkotsu was initially developed for. Now Tekkotsu supports various robots, like Regis, and some others like the Qwerkbot+. This summer I once again have the privilege to working with Dr Touretzky and Ethan. We are working on developing path planning algorithms for a 3 link arm. At least that is where we are starting.

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