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Further notes

hey everyone!

Jazzy here again, I’d like to go further into detail into what we are doing in ARTSI at the famous GA Tech. I’m working specifically with Jonecia Keels (aka jkeels12) on a Manoi AT01 model robot here’s a picture of this awesome robot.

Manoi Robot

so it started as a kit with like a couple thousand pieces stashed in bags that we had to build from scratch.(picture on jkeels12 blog) After staring like this 88| at the numerous pieces that we had to somehow turn into a robot, i proceeded to look at the 102 + page manual that was only available in Japanese!

link to the video is here in case it doesn’t work.

So we began our arduous task, slowly translating what we needed to do from the manual and each others intellect to build the robot. Lol, it was a journey in which i found out i don’t follow instructions as well as i thought, but in the end we finally built a fully functional robot.

Me n the Bot
here is a pic of the Robot in front of my beautiful Halo 3 T-Shirt :P

So whats left for us to accomplish are the auditions we will be making. First off the camera integration to the robot, research as to which software we will be using to integrate the camera with the motor manipulation, and the outer shell. of course we have to make a nice robot so we are planning to paint the outside shell so that it would look more like the top picture rather than the bottom one here:

So thats the update for now, until next time ^_^


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My First post

:D May 30- June 16th

Hey everyone ^_^ Jazzy here. I’m off on my first ARTSI program internship and already having a blast! I came here with my friend Jonecia Keels who I call NeeCee, however I already found so many more friends to hang out with that are really cool and chill. I knew I would enjoy this trip but I never expected to feel so at home here. So far so good.

I’m working over at Georgia Tech with a lady named Ayanna Howard and am currently being supervised by Douglas Brooks. I met both my advisor and my mentor and I have to say they are very cool people. I was grouped with two other people besides Neecee, Aron Jones and Jude Desti, and our first tasks involved a robot by Wow Wee called a Robosapien. I’ll tell you more about that thing in my next post. Until then laters!

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The wonders of technology is where I find my joy.

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