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My research is at a standstill....

June 22-July 10

So for the past couple of weeks we have been communicating with the head of the Humanoid department (the place we bought our Manoi from) about replacing our servos. We are going to ship the faulty servos back to the company and they are going to give us brand new ones. Unfortunately that means we will have to temporarily take apart our precious humanoid. :'( As of now my research is at a standstill. In the meantime I have been doing extensive research on specific cameras and vision software programs to use once we have our Manoi completely built (with all 17 working servos). I only have 2 weeks left in my program so it looks like I wont get everything done, but that is how research goes. I still learned a lot and as of now I am writing an extensive research paper and making a keynote presentation for use in different research conferences. ;D


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Servo Problems

June 17-21

Well I decided to change things up and make a video to better demonstrate and explain what I am doing so far with the Manoi AT01.


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Screwing && Unscrewing...another Hardware Mistake

June 14-16
Ok so this past Saturday my colleague pointed out that the right arm on the robot was flipped upside down causing one of the arms to be higher than the other :-/. If you look at my last posting and the picture of the robot you can see how the right arm is lower than the left….yes robots are very TEDIOUS….I think that is my quote for the summer…anyways so I had to unscrew the whole arm in order to get to the base of the servo and switch it around. This surprisingly went quite well and I was able to fix it. Now it looks better than ever ;D. The next day I reconnected the wires to the appropriate pins on the motherboard. Afterwards I installed the Manio’s software, called Heart to Heart, so that I was able to connect and assign channels to certain servos (limbs and joints) on the robot. The Heart to Heart software only runs on Windows and I have a MacBook. So I installed Parallels with Windows XP and it runs smoothly. There is 17 degrees of freedom on the Manoi. It is very flexible. It can even do a split. Our next task is to assign a ‘home position’ for the Manoi. Every time we turn on the Manoi we want it to automatically go to a certain posture, which is the ‘home position’. We want the Manoi to automatically stand up. The software is not really user friendly but we hope to understand it fully by the end of this week.

Fixed Manoi…Check out the Even Arms =)

Heart to Heart Software…Notice the channels and the slide bar…this will eventually control the servos and joints on the Manoi

This is the Motherboard. The wires that are connected to the servos are all connected to certain pins on the motherboard. If you look closely there are extra pins for adding your own features. We are going to utilize this to add a camera to the Manoi.


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Robots are Extremely Tedious!

June 2-13

The first step in building the Manoi AT01 is to connect the servos to certain wires (depending on length). Eventually all of the wires are going to be connected to the motherboard. My collegue and I labeled the wires with stickers which indicate which servo a specific wire is connected to. For example the wire with servo #5 will have a #5 sticker placed on it. We do this so when it is time to connect the wires to the appropiete pins on the motherboard, it will be easier to identify. Even though the Manoi manual was in Japanese, there were pictures on each page so it was possible for us to understand each step in building the robot. If I got stuck, I used a translator online to try and understand what the next step was. I ran into a few problems. We accidently screwed in the foot backwards. While trying to unscrew the foot, the screw head became stripped :(. The screws that came with the Manoi is not exactly of good quality. So our building was delayed for about 5 days and we spent that time trying to get the screw out. We finally managed to unscrew it and we continued bulilding. We finished building the legs, body, arms, and head. We then started attaching all of the limbs together. And here comes problem #2: we screwed in the legs backwards 88|. Imagine your knees bending the opposite way….yea that’s what our robot did. So we had to carefully unscrew the screws to turn the legs around. Imaginary beads of sweat were running down my face while I slowly and steadily unscrewed the legs. Thank goodness I got the screws out with minimal difficulty. For the meantime we are about 75% done with the hardware aspect of building the robot.

Progress of Manoi thus far


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Robotics @ GA Tech

May 26-30
Hello fellow ARTSI colleagues. My name is Jonecia Keels but everyone just calls me NeeCee :D. I am a rising sophomore at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. I am a dual-degree Computer Science/Software Engineering major. This summer I am working with Dr. Ayanna Howard at Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech). Our main focus is to create robots to assist in healthcare. For example, a robot that can aid elderly people retrieve objects or a robot that can interact and play with autistic children. My specific task is to build a Manoi AT01 humanoid robot with another colleague and program it. This humanoid is extremely advance. It can run at high speeds, stand up when it falls, and can even balance on one leg 88|. This task sounds simple enough however it is not. The entire manual, all 112 pages, is in Japanese because the Manoi has not been released in America. Also the Manoi comes with a tremendous amount of tiny pieces and screws |-|. One mistake can cause the Manoi to not function. Despite the difficulty, this task is going to be fun, exciting, and intellectually stimulating.

Here are links with more information on the Manoi AT01:

Video Demonstration

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