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RoboNuggets are little news items that can be used to spark discussions about the future of robotics and the impact of robotics technology on society. This ARTSI community resource is maintained by the Curriculum Commttee, but anyone can contribute a nugget by emailing a link and some commentary or discussion questions to ARTSIAlliance@gmail.com.

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Robots on your healthcare insurance? 980
Robots with a soft touch 927
Lifestyle / Weight loss coach robot 1003
Evolutionary Algorithm Has Robots Move From Crawling To Walking Upright 929
IBM's Watson Computer Tears Through Game-Show Round 1056
Kinect Could Add Force Feedback To Surgical Robots 1469
Developing robots for the hospital emergency room 1608
Automato: The Remote-Controlled Butler That Kicks Ass, Takes Names, Dispenses Ketchup 853
A Dental Training Robot 1899
Mimic-bots learn to do as we do 880
Can Tibion’s Bionic Leg Rewire Stroke Victims’ Brains? 1452
Christmas Gift List? You'll have to wait a month 852
Genetic Robots 1029
Don't bring me an empty bottle 1690
Can a robot learn to be ethical? 753
The iRobot Create... 1029
President Obama meets Japanese Robots 1448
Robotics in Healthcare 1803
Fly Me to the Moon... 1127
Robostalker? 1775
Baby Robots 1543
Happy Birthday Asimo 2000
Cornell University Robotic Gripper 2333
Giant Robot Statues! Robots in Art 1939
SMART Scholarship - Cutting Edge Research 1361
Google Working on Self-driving Cars 1580
A Robot to Help Quadruplegics with Basic Tasks 1279
A Trio of iPhone, iPod and Cell Phone Nuggets 1296
Quad-Rotor Flying Robot 1953
The Distributed Flight Array 870
Snake Robot Climbs a Tree 1
Bionic penguins take to the water – and the skies 111
Towel-folding and Beer-fetching robot 875
Robots Swarm Oil Spills 862
A very large chess game using LEGO MINDSTORMS® robots for each piece (video) 178
I-Fairy weds a couple of Japanese robot geeks (video) 978
Cellbots get Nexus One upgrade, ad-hoc motion control (video) 1286
Spiders at the Nanoscale: Molecules That Behave Like Robots 1397
Boeing's unmanned Phantom Ray makes dramatic video debut, set to take off this December 868
High school senior builds walking robot, the VSR-2: Talos FG (video) 1056
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers to Award Highest Honor to Robotics Entrepreneur Rodney Brooks 904
Micro Robots Compete in 2-Millimeter Dash 865
What would it take to put a walking robot on the moon? 831
Robot musician improvises, jams with humans 1710
PR2 is headed to Georgia Tech! 1352
Meet AILA, a humanoid robot created in Germany 2175
General Motors and NASA create a robot headed for the International Space Station (ISS) 1257
A robot Segway and a robot with head movement to keep things in sight 963
No need to travel... 1008
Look Out - Robot Teachers 871
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