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ARTSI Videos to date. Video categories will grow along with the amount of ARTSI videos.

Any ARTSI student or faculty member can contribute videos to the ARTSI Video Archive. Send your video file iMPEG format to webmaster@artsialliance.org, along with the title and brief description of what the video is about (e.g., "This is a video of my final project in the cognitive robotics class", or "This is a video about taking robots to middle schools.")

We will upload your video to the ARTSI Alliance YouTube channel and link to it from this archive.

Click the Category Name below to view video clips in that category.



Date Item Title Hits
03/30/10 Edwin Olson's Autonomous Robotics Laboratory Course 4072
09/29/08 ARTSI Alliance Summer 2008 Faculty Workshop 3809
03/28/08 2008 ARTSI Video Contest 4152
01/14/08 ARTSI Kickoff 4014
11/03/07 2007 Spelman Robot Dance Contest 4851
06/05/07 Tekkotsu Robotics Demos 4187