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Three new major research universities have joined the ARTSI Alliance.  Each will be repersented by a faculty member involved in robotics research:

  1.  At the University of Pennsylvnia, Professor CJ Taylor conducts research on computer vision and vision-guided robot navigation.

  2. At the University of Michigan, Professor Edwin Olson investigates algorithms for robot perception, probabilistic environment modeling, and path planning.

  3. At Rice University, newly-arrived Professor James McLurkin works on swarm robotics. Dr. McLurkin did  postdoctoral work with Dieter Fox at the University of Washington, and has also worked as a lead research scientist at iRobot.

The addition of these three schools to ARTSI will provide HBCU students with further opportunities to develop mentoring relationships with research faculty, and pursue summer internships in world-class robotics research labs.


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