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UDC student Glenn Nickens spent summer 2007 at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, where he helped develop the protoype for a new educational robot called Regis.

Working with CMU professor Dave Touretzky and Ph.D. student Ethan Tira-Thompson, Glenn contributed to the robot design, did all the assembly, and helped develop the software for control of the robot's "crab arm" gripper and unique "goose neck" webcam.

Glenn Nickens with Regis

In July 2007, Glenn, Dave, and Ethan exhibited Regis at the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence meeting  in Vancouver, Canada, as part of the annual Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition, where the robot received a Technical Innovation Award.  Check out the Regis video.

Glenn's summer internship was funded by the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program of the National Science Foundation. Glenn is currently attending graduate school in computer science at Norfolk State.

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