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The ARTSI Alliance has a new project manager: Ms. Jennifer Landefeld from Carnegie Mellon will be working closely with both Andrew Williams and David Touretzky to assure that ARTSI stays on track for meeting its goals, collecting all necessary data, managing the financial resources, adding content to the web site, and putting together the best possible events for students and faculty.

Jenn has been at Carnegie Mellon for over 6 years in her current administrative role.  Prior to joining ARTSI she helped administer the Computer Science Department Ph.D. program. She has also served as the operations manager for a high tech start-up company founded by a Carnegie Mellon Computer Science professor. Prior to her start-up experience she was an administrator with the Carnegie Mellon Computer Science research lab that led to the founding of the high tech company for a total of over 12 years association with Carnegie Mellon University.

Often wearing many hats, she enjoys working with a wide range of people and especially enjoys learning about the technical aspects of the research coming out of the groups she has the opportunity to work with.  When not in the office she can be found online writing her blogs or working on various websites she manages.  Otherwise she may be doing any one of a number of projects: basket making, broom making, lace making, gardening or other hands on creative activities.
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